Crystal Palace F.C.

Since departing Newcastle last January, Manager Alan Pardew has found success unlike anything else in his career. He returns to Selhurst Park, no longer a player but as manager of his once beloved club.

A full season under Pardew will be good news for Eagles fans and Selhurst will again be a challenge for any team, no easy wins there.

Not many new faces were required this summer, the club already had a nice base to work with. However a few fresh faces are never bad, and what a face they brought in. Club record signing Yohan Cabaye returns to the Premiere League after his rather unsuccessful stint in League 1 with giants PSG. He has already proved his worth. Bringing in young but promising striker Connor Wickham from Sunderland was also a good addition, Wickham will only progress.

One loss on the season and to Arsenal it was maybe to be expected. However three other victories put the Eagles in a very nice position four weeks into the calendar. An away win at Chelsea was most unexpected, but will prove pivotal later in the season.

I’m expecting a slight regression from the team but nothing to be ashamed of, the league is just to competitive and sides with more talent will eventually work their way up the table.

Prediction : Safe – 10th


Leicester City F.C.

My fairytale team of last season has survived the relegation battle and came out of it looking stronger then i thought possible. The fans at the King Power Stadium must be on cloud nine this season, what a promising start. Two wins and two draws sees them third in the table. Back to back wins to start the season and an affirmative draw vs Tottenham shows us just how much promise they have.

The emergence of young midfielder Riyad Mahrez has been something special to watch, the quality he displays is almost mind bending, how top clubs missed this young man is beyond words, lets just say Fox fans best enjoy it white it lasts ( which won’t be long ).

New coach Claudio Ranieri has started life well at the club, after harsh criticism before the season started, he’s really showed why he’s here and here to stay.

Leicester’s 2014-2015 player of the year defence anchor Esteban Cambiasso has departed and has left a hole in the middle of the park, they’ve managed to sign Gokhan Inler from Napoli, but were yet to see if he plugs the hole as well.

I’m expecting this wonderful form to drop off eventually and see them slide quite a ways down the table ( i wish they didn’t ).

Prediction : Safe – 13th

Swansea City A.F.C.

Are we at all surprised by the wonderful form that Garry Monk’s team is showing us? I certainly am not, this is a deep squad with quality at almost all positions. An opening draw vs Chelsea showed us exactly what to expect from this team, excellent in defence and scary on the counter, especially with new boy Andre Ayew swinging in those beautiful balls for co-scoring leader Bafetimbi Gomis to smash home.

Four games in and zero losses, it shows real intent and I’m excited to see where this team ends up by christmas. They’ve proved they can take it to the bigger clubs, that draw to Chelsea and a convincing win versus Manchester United proved the fact. If i was just getting into football and was looking for a team to follow, Swansea would be at the top of my list.

Andre Ayew was a free signing. . . and looks like the best international signing of the summer.

Side note – That white jersey with the gold trim, might be the best looking kit in all of Europe.

Prediction : Safe – 6th

Manchester United F.C.

Louis Van Gaal has led United back into the top 5, a promising start from the manager, unfortunately the team that really did all the heavy lifting were not his signings, but rather the players David Moyes brought in. Exciting transfer Angel Di Maria has come and gone in the span of a year and didn’t look convincing in the Premier league. However there are many new bright spots at Old Trafford.

Addressing many concerns, United have brought in a proper right back in Darmian and thus far he seems up to snuff, with intelligent runs and no lack of effort on the defensive side. The midfield has been boosted by probably the most important signing, or at least will be in the years to come – Morgan Schneiderlin has proved key, his pace and willing to track back have been fun to watch and he’s gained a fan in myself. New boy Memphis has had trouble hitting the ground thus far, but his potential is sky high and it’s only a matter of time before he shows us just how special he is and can become.

Besides a weird deadline deal, this transfer windows was rather respectable ( except the De Gea spiel ). The Red Devils look fantastic on paper but haven’t completely showed it just yet on the field. I have a feeling in the months to come the team will properly coagulate and become the powerhouse all fans are expecting.

Prediction : Safe – 3rd 

Arsenal F.C.

A third place finish and a long streak of unbeaten games had everyone believing the hype before the start of the season. However their lack of transfers besides making a very good move early on in the window sees Arsenal a little low on depth.

We’ve stated now for almost two years that for Arsenal to really push forward they needed someone more reliable in the centre of the park, especially a defensive anchor that can ease the pressure on the back four. Another window has passed and we see that it hasn’t been addressed. I’m not an Arsenal fan and I’m frustrated. Not only that they haven’t brought in a striker to really push Giroud to the next level, or at least make him fear for his starting position, but to only sign one player altogether is just a lack of progress and this little blip will hurt the team eventually, if not this season. Petr Cech may be the one hope they have.

An opening day loss to West Ham proved the fact. However they have rebounded and have at the most gained points without looking very convincing, boring in fact. Which isn’t something you usually saw about Arsenal football.

This season could go many ways for the team. 1 – Everyone stays healthy, they hit true form and challenge for the title. 2 – ( most likely to happen ) Crucial members get injured and we see them finish 4th. 3 – A total melt down and Arsene Wenger leaves the Emirates.

It’s hard for me to predict anything here.

Prediction : Safe – 2nd