Whose flipped the skript?

10 games into the season and the writers must have their eyes crossed. A top 5 including West Ham & Leicester while current Champions – Chelsea sitting in 15th and already 11 points off the top… Aliens.

The influx of cash into the Premier League has turned up the entertainment value. Within a short window we’ve seen the balance of power shift and a level playing field emerge.

Teams that looked good on paper, haven’t shown it yet.

Naturally at the top of that list is Chelsea. A squad that didn’t need rotating last year seems completely out of touch. Mourinho’s brilliance has slowed, and his star’s haven’t performed. Reigning EPL player of the year Eden Hazard has been invisible, Diego Costa hasn’t found the form that made him runner up for the golden boot last season, and Cesc Fabregas hasn’t strung more then two passes together. Not sure what the future holds but if this stays the norm i’m fully expecting a massive overhaul or a new coach.

Liverpool has already changed managers, the era of the Brodge is over. Let the Klopp begin. After an encouraging start things slowly started slipping off, a lack of goal scoring ( still happening ) and just generally a lack of excitement. Coutinho is still looking to hit his stride, a string of injuries leaves the Reds quite shorthanded, new signing have been encouraging ( poor Danny Ings). I expect more to come once injuries and the new regime starts gelling.

Louis Van Gaal’s Army are marching to the beat of a drum, just not sure it’s his. United have pleasantly surprised, they’ve been lacklustre one game and stellar the next. Not gonna lie i’ve had a big foot in mouth moment over Anthony Martial, a move out of left field has turned into something special, he’s making Memphis look very foolish. Competing for the title seems quite possible, once certain injured players return ( Luke Shaw ) things could shape up quite nicely.

Arsene has been on a slippery slope for a while now, yet he always has this ability to turn things around right as the foot is about to slip. Arsenal have looked good, bad, brilliant and atrocious in the 10 games played so.. they are playing Arsenal football. Petr Cech has been everything and more, they’ve needed a goalie like this for a long time and he’s finally here. Ozil is seemingly back to his old self, influencing and creating chance after chance. Walcott has found a position he can play in and has been healthy thus far ( fingers crossed). It all looks rather promising, if Petr could get some help on the defensive side things would look even better.

Manchester City started with a bang, and the pattern seems to conclude that they would, win the championship .. they take a year off .. then win it again and so on. After a long season following the World Cup of 2014, it seems that all of City’s players have had a chance to take a breath and regain their composure. Vincent Kompany has returned with a bang, and up until his injury David Silva was a powerhouse. However now with Sergio Aguero out and the workload being left to the new kids on the block, only time will tell if they can keep the pattern going.

That’s all for now! not currently interested in writing about Spurs or Southampton, maybe next week.