Manchester United F.C.

Louis Van Gaal has led United back into the top 5, a promising start from the manager, unfortunately the team that really did all the heavy lifting were not his signings, but rather the players David Moyes brought in. Exciting transfer Angel Di Maria has come and gone in the span of a year and didn’t look convincing in the Premier league. However there are many new bright spots at Old Trafford.

Addressing many concerns, United have brought in a proper right back in Darmian and thus far he seems up to snuff, with intelligent runs and no lack of effort on the defensive side. The midfield has been boosted by probably the most important signing, or at least will be in the years to come – Morgan Schneiderlin has proved key, his pace and willing to track back have been fun to watch and he’s gained a fan in myself. New boy Memphis has had trouble hitting the ground thus far, but his potential is sky high and it’s only a matter of time before he shows us just how special he is and can become.

Besides a weird deadline deal, this transfer windows was rather respectable ( except the De Gea spiel ). The Red Devils look fantastic on paper but haven’t completely showed it just yet on the field. I have a feeling in the months to come the team will properly coagulate and become the powerhouse all fans are expecting.

Prediction : Safe – 3rd 


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