Manchester City F.C.

After a rather disappointing season, the Sky Blues are back on top. It seems as if the wear and tear of that 2014 World Cup seemed to hinder many of their players, however now with adequate time off and a chance to dispel all those nagging aches and pains the squad is back on form and look as dangerous as ever.

Big money spenders, Last summer it was their rivals in red that splashed the cash this year the Citizens returned the favour. Bringing in Raheem Sterling from liverpool and a late move for Kevin De Bruyne really showed their financial muscle. Not to mention a well known centre back in Nicolas Otamendi and some midfield depth in Fabian Delph.

Manuel Pellegrini who looked to be on his last two legs last season has been given new life, a squad with all the capabilities to compete in all competitions. However i have a feeling no matter how well the team does domestically it won’t matter. The sponsors are clamouring for victories outside of England, and without that we’ll see a coaching change next summer.

Perfect. Thats how City have started the season, not only that but they’ve yet to concede a goal & have scored prolifically thus far.

David Silva looks like he’s literally on fire this year, we’ve all known how special he is but this season. .  the man is a lunatic, creating goal scoring opportunity after another.

I hate to say it, especially this early but this is looking like a one man dash. Hopefully for the good of the league and fan entertainment they slow down and we have a proper title clash.

Prediction : Safe – 1st 


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