Leicester City F.C.

My fairytale team of last season has survived the relegation battle and came out of it looking stronger then i thought possible. The fans at the King Power Stadium must be on cloud nine this season, what a promising start. Two wins and two draws sees them third in the table. Back to back wins to start the season and an affirmative draw vs Tottenham shows us just how much promise they have.

The emergence of young midfielder Riyad Mahrez has been something special to watch, the quality he displays is almost mind bending, how top clubs missed this young man is beyond words, lets just say Fox fans best enjoy it white it lasts ( which won’t be long ).

New coach Claudio Ranieri has started life well at the club, after harsh criticism before the season started, he’s really showed why he’s here and here to stay.

Leicester’s 2014-2015 player of the year defence anchor Esteban Cambiasso has departed and has left a hole in the middle of the park, they’ve managed to sign Gokhan Inler from Napoli, but were yet to see if he plugs the hole as well.

I’m expecting this wonderful form to drop off eventually and see them slide quite a ways down the table ( i wish they didn’t ).

Prediction : Safe – 13th


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