Arsenal F.C.

A third place finish and a long streak of unbeaten games had everyone believing the hype before the start of the season. However their lack of transfers besides making a very good move early on in the window sees Arsenal a little low on depth.

We’ve stated now for almost two years that for Arsenal to really push forward they needed someone more reliable in the centre of the park, especially a defensive anchor that can ease the pressure on the back four. Another window has passed and we see that it hasn’t been addressed. I’m not an Arsenal fan and I’m frustrated. Not only that they haven’t brought in a striker to really push Giroud to the next level, or at least make him fear for his starting position, but to only sign one player altogether is just a lack of progress and this little blip will hurt the team eventually, if not this season. Petr Cech may be the one hope they have.

An opening day loss to West Ham proved the fact. However they have rebounded and have at the most gained points without looking very convincing, boring in fact. Which isn’t something you usually saw about Arsenal football.

This season could go many ways for the team. 1 – Everyone stays healthy, they hit true form and challenge for the title. 2 – ( most likely to happen ) Crucial members get injured and we see them finish 4th. 3 – A total melt down and Arsene Wenger leaves the Emirates.

It’s hard for me to predict anything here.

Prediction : Safe – 2nd


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