Liverpool F.C.

A new year, a new look. With 17 players exiting the club either on permanent or loan deals. Brendan Rodgers has his hands full. Club captain and talisman Steven Gerrard has departed for greener pastures & England international Raheem Sterling has left, only to join Manchester City, he did however come at quite a price, all Red’s fans are hoping the players entering the fold can replace or even surpass the young star.

With Daniel Sturridge being made of glass, the team had to look else where, they couldn’t have another campaign without proper backup. I believe they have done this more then adequately signing Christian Benteke, he may even be on the same leg or even a step up. With Gerrard leaving the team really needed a player who was willing to give his life for the club, Jordan Henderson has stood up to take the reigns as captain however he has a new deputy in James Milner, they are a very like for like combination, an engine room that never stops, i’m excited to see what they can produce.

With Glen Johnson leaving, the team really needed a proper left back, Nathaniel Clyne provides just that, speedy and good on the ball he will be a force to be reckoned with. One last piece was needed to hopefully replace some of the fluidity & creativity supplied by Sterling. Roberto Firmino coming from Hoffenheim will look to do just that. The tricky young Brazilian will only get better. All Reds fans will be hoping he can quickly create chemistry between himself and stud Coutinho.

A good but shaky start has left Liverpool in a conformable place to only get better and gives them a good platform to succeed.

Projection : Safe – 4th


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