Everton F.C.

After a disappointing last campaign the Toffies are sure to right the ship, and have started the season with a mixed bag of results, it is however a better start then last year.

The transfer window closed and Everton has managed to retain all key pieces ( John Stones cough cough ) and also pick up a few missing details which will certainly help Roberto Martinez along the campaign. Sealing a deal for young Gerard Deulofeu will certainly pay dividends, he clearly has all the tools to become a wonderful footballer. With Tom Cleverly entering the fold, Martinez will have a two way player with underrated playmaking abilities.

The re-emergence of Ross Barkley has been a revelation, In four games he once again has the football world taking notice of what he can do, that combined with a clean shaven Tim Howard whose seemed to find a better run of form and will only look to build on that in the months to come. There are many possible outcomes for this Everton side, I’m excited to see how much noise they make.

Prediction : Safe – 8th


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