Chelsea F.C.

The 2014-2015 Champions are back! . . . And aren’t looking very good. After a dominant spell in the Premier league last season many of us were all expecting to see more or less the same from Mourinho’s squad. However the season hasn’t started exactly up to snuff. Opening day draw to Swansea ( which i saw coming .. btw ) followed by a punch in the face delivered by Manchester City ( 3-0 ) and a very unconvincing win over West Brom left all Blue’s fans hoping that this would kick start the season. Unfortunately Crystal Palace had something to say and delivered yet another blow, 2-1 at the bridge. Not good, not good at all.

The summer transfer window of 2014 left all of Europe in awe, Chelsea did their business fast and were decisive in what they needed and got it done easy as pie. Add one year and were all slightly laughing now. Almost all of Chelsea’s targets were out of reach this summer, and the mini feud between Mourinho and Mr.Abramovich hasn’t helped. It seems as if the billionaire has closed his books and said repeat the success without any help from me. One tiny spark however is Chelsea’s ability to almost loan out their entire squad except their starting eleven. It’s brilliant yet leaves them short handed when they are in so many competitions over the coarse of a long season.

I see them eventually getting back on track. . but not exactly where you would think, i’m seeing an FA cup win and a runners up in the Champions League Final.

Prediction : Safe – 5th


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