A.F.C. Bournemouth

The miracle on grass. What a lovely fair tale story this team has provided us with, maybe thats why I’m going to be so kind and passionate for their survival this season.

Two straight loses and everything was essentially going to plan for a newly promoted team with hardly any top flight experience ( players ). Then Saturday August.22 , something special happened. Bournemouth achieved it’s first ever Premiere League win, and not only that it was probably the best game of the season thus far. A back and forth game which ended up seeing the Cherries win 4-3 away from home at West Ham.

After having signed relatively no new talent, besides a few free transfers and a couple players with long term potential this team has managed to keep it’s own. Forward Callum Wilson leads the league with 4 goals in 4 contests and is looking to be this seasons Charlie Austin or maybe better.

It’s good that a newly promoted team get it’s points fast and early, once the season rolls on the more established teams find their true form and it’ll be hard to scavenge points.

Cherries.. I’m rooting for ya… don’t beat my Newcastle though =)

Prediction : Safe – 15th


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