Team Form

Arsenal F.C.  [The Gunners]

After such a promising summer transfer window a 2-5-1 record is not something the boss will be happy about. People have been saying that this looks much like the team of last year, except that lasts years Arsenal was in the drivers seat from day one until they’re ultimate demise. I see this start as a motivating factor. With fresh faces looking to impress it’s only a matter of time until the skill adds up on the pitch. A few January signing are needed, Arteta can’t hold the midfield as he used to and some defensive depth could go a long way. Next 3 EPL Matches – @Sunderland – Burnley – Swansea. Expected number of points 7-9.

Aston Villa F.C.  [The Villans]

Talk about a long time coming. What a start. Things have trailed off in the recent week but i think that would be the case for most teams playing Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Everton in the span of four weeks. Talk about rough Scheduling. The past few seasons the villans have assembled a good looking team that wasn’t producing what everyone thought they could. It seems as if this season could be different with a potent back line and America’s new number one keeper at the top of his game. Offensive depth also isn’t laking especially with the newly returned Benteke and newly promoted Fabian Delph to an England team that needed his speed and creativity. The future is bright at Villa Park. Next 3 EPL Matches – @Queens Park Rangers – Tottenham – @West Ham United. ENP 5-7 points.

Burnley F.C.  [The Clarets]

I’m a big fan of newly promoted teams making a big splash, unfortunately this hasn’t been the case. It’s always tough for a team to make the big step up and compete, but with a lack of finances it makes it even harder. It’s going to be a long hard season for Sean Dyche, The team has had moments of.. well not brilliance but good effort, proven by the draw against Manchester United. Unfortunately the likelihood of seeing Burnley in the EPL next season aren’t too good. Still lots of time left and a transfer window which seems to shake things up on a yearly basis. Next 3 EPL Matches – Everton – @Arsenal – Hull City. ENP 0-1 points.

Chelsea F.C.  [The Blues]

Where to begin, after an astounding summer transfer window that could possibly go down as being the best piece of business in Chelsea / EPL history. At the moment this is the only team in my opinion who is performing as they should. With such quality in every position on the pitch. The best 1-2 Keepers this world probably has to offer. A midfield where World Cup stars come off the bench to play. The Striker Chelsea have needed for the past few seasons, Diego Costa has been everything and more and what a bargain, And last but not least the return of the prodigal son Didier Drogba just makes this fairy tail seem more surreal. The loss of the iconic Frank Lampard will leave a bitter taste in most Blues fans, but to see his replacement be non other then Cesc Fabregas. Not a bad deal. This season they haven’t missed a beat and continue week by week to prove their dominance. With Eden Hazard quickly progressing into one of the worlds elite, this teams future is set for years to come. Next 3 EPL Matches – @ManchesterUnited – Queens Park Rangers – @Liverpool. ENP 7-9 points.

Crystal Palace F.C.  [The Eagles]

Neil Warnock has been outstanding, to step into a managerial role mid week and pick a starting eleven that continue to punish teams that take them lightly. With the return of Wilfried Zaha and many other key figures this team has a bright future and a bright start to the season already dealing Everton a surprise loss at Goodison Park. Stealing points from top flight clubs is what makes the EPL so interesting and what makes for an entertaining end to the season no matter if your fighting for the title of looking to survive relegation. Time will tell if the Eagles can continue this sort of form. Next 3 EPL Matches – @West Bromwich Albion – Sunderland – @Manchester United. ENP 1-3 points.

Everton F.C.  [The Toffies]

Not particularly the start Toffy fans were looking for, after such an encouraging previous season and the signing of not one but two proven strikers. Romelu Lukaku and Samuel Eto’o, the attacking position was hoped to be a strong suit, little did we know that at the beginning of the season that job would fall to Steven Naismith. There are positives, the team is still a proven defensive giant (some exceptions). Leighton Baines continues to prove his worth, and the arrival of John Stones is an encouraging thought for all Toffy fans. With the season not even a quarter through there is plenty of time to turn it around for the Toffies. Look for them to get into stride early December, possibly not lose another home game again. Next 3 EPL Matches – @Burnley – Swansea – @Sunderland. ENP 6-7 points.

Hull City A.F.C.  [The Tigers]

If i was to pick a new club to support, not your usual 4-5 clubs but one that has a bright future and plays a certain type of football that is entertaining week in and week out. Hull City would be at the top of that list. Since arriving in England’s top flight they have only grown more potent. with understated signings and a hard work effort they are becoming a top 10 team and i would expect that of them within the next two seasons. This season has been no different, constantly challenging top flight teams to work hard to secure all three points and in many cases they have managed to steal a crucial point from those teams. In the next few months this team could possibly be challenging for a top 10 spot this season already. I’m excited to see it unfold. Next 3 EPL Matches – @Liverpool – Southampton – @Burnley. ENP 3-4 points.

Leicester City F.C.  [The Foxes]

If someone had told me at the start of the season that the most entertaining matches would take place with a newly promoted team well i would have laughed. The little team that could i’ve dubbed them. Just when i think they won’t be able to compete with all the loose change top teams seem to carry they do and surprise me every time. With fantastic performances against Everton and Arsenal and what will most likely be one of the matches of the season, a 5-3 kicking of Manchester United. In recent weeks form has began to drop off likely caused by other teams finally getting into gear and also not taking this team lightly. I’ll be watching and hoping they don’t drop to the bottom three by years end. Next 3 EPL Matches – @Swansea – West Bromwich Albion – Sunderland. ENP 2-4 points.

Thats all for now! I’ll be back again tomorrow with your next 8 teams and then the following 4 the day after!

- DC

Current Team Breakdowns

Pretty simple my next few posts will contain what i believe is the current form of EPL Teams.

The Season Currently in Motion

The Football season has been on the go for quite some time now, I’ve watched as many games as possible. This blog will mostly pertain to the English Premier League, not because it’s the only one i follow simply because if i was to write about all of them i wouldn’t leave this seat until the season wraps up. What i look for in any sport is simply a good game, i have favourite teams sure, but at the end of the day i want to watch something entertaining no matter the score or the team. If you have any interest in what my team is please ask. I also believe that if i continue to write this for the next few months it won’t be too hard to decipher what team i follow.


What a change of heart.

I grew up in a country that loves hockey, and don’t get me wrong i still love it. Over the past two years I’ve seen myself slide to something different. “The Beautiful Game” if you will, the most watched and played sport in the world. You can’t help but love it once you invest any sort of time into it. This blog is about my current love, my future love and the game i will try to spread, teach and praise as much as i can. So if there’s anyone reading this i hope you enjoy.

- DC


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